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Aaron Handy III |
July 14th marked the 98th anniversary of the birth of the late, legendary animator/producer William Denby Hanna.

Hanna and his partner Joseph Roland Barbera (1911-2006) are credited with a chunk of cartoon history which was the epitome of many a Saturday Morning: Tom and Jerry, Ruff and Reddy, Scooby-Doo, The Flintstones, Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Loopy DeLoop, Josie and The Pussy Cats, Cattanooga Cats, Harlem Globetrotters, Space Ghost. Birdman, Moby Dick and Mighty Mightor, Partridge Family 2200 A.D., Sealab 2020, The Jetsons, Top Cat, Jonny Quest, Wheelie and The Chopper Bunch, Hong Kong Phooey, Grape Ape, Mumbly, Jabberjaw, Dynomutt, Clue Club, Super Friends, Skatebirds, The Banana Splits, and a host of others, winning Oscars and Emmies for their magnificent efforts.

Hanna died on March 22, 2001, at the age of 90. But it's a comfort to know that Willie and Joe's legacy continues to live on.
28 July 2008 01:03pm

Cassie Veselovsky |
Hi John! Just wanted to say that I am so glad you are still keeping this up! THANK YOU!!!
24 July 2008 03:50pm

mary/skippercollector |
This isn't a question, just a trivia item I learned. Yesterday I learned that huckleberries are a type of blueberries. I guess that is why Huckleberry Hound is blue!
24 June 2008 04:36am

George Kenney |
i would like to know if anyone out there could please Tell me where i might be able to Buy or Order The Fintstones TV Series The New Fred and Barney Show (1979) on DVD or on VHS thats all of the episodes of it then please Contact me at georgekenney1@webtv.net Sincerely yours Truly- George Kenney 8 Dix Ave Johnston- Rhode Island USA- 02919
11 June 2008 04:39pm

Mary Beth |
I have a Flinstones ceiling fan in the original box does anyone know the value?
29 May 2008 07:16pm

Lori |
What was Mrs. Gruesome's first name on the show?
13 May 2008 06:41pm

Troy |
Hey, I have a question? Did Fred & Barney work as Bell Hops at the hotel where Wilma & Betty worked as cig. girls? I think I remember an epsidoe where they were thinking back and I think they did, but I would like to be sure
22 April 2008 04:43am

caro |
I'm looking for Dino's girlfriend's name...We saw her a few times. Any ideas?
15 March 2008 11:42pm

nick |
are they ever going to make anymore flintstone movie sequeals..
24 February 2008 03:44am

Rich M |
Just wanted everyone to know that Today Feb. 22 is Pebbles Flintstones Birthday
22 February 2008 05:17pm

Janet Klicnik |
Hi there - I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase a gold charm of Fred, Barney, Gazoo or any of the Flintstone characters..I cannot find any charm company that makes them, but have seen them on ebay sometimes thanks
22 February 2008 03:05am

mely |
I am doing a flinstones party with pebbles for my daughter any ideas where I can get some things and the decorations. Please help me.
30 January 2008 05:18am

Bonny |
I have been looking for my dad for 20 yrs. I just received a pic of him playing barney rubble. It looks like it was on stage.Is there anyway i can post this pic and if anyone has any whereabout about where and when this pic was taken can u lease contact me and findyou@shaw.ca please only serious emails. thank you from the bottome of my heart
17 January 2008 07:55am

nick |
will there anymore flintstones movies made
24 December 2007 05:22am

Terri |
I have a flintstone ceiling fan it is in great working order was wondering if anyone knows how much it is worth.
I have pictures.
20 December 2007 02:45am

J9 |
I am making some inquiries for a friend who recently lost her husband and is taking inventory of their estate. She had purchased the original drawings of the opening title sequence of The Flinstones for her husband years ago and is now considering putting this item up for sale. This includes a leather bound book of hand drawings displaying the original complete storyboard for stock footage opening credits from 1960-1963 of “The Flinstones”. Per my friend, this was purchased directly from American Ink and includes a certificate of authenticity signed by Sally Walsh, Gallery Director. I am trying to get any information possible to assist her in selling this item to a person who values it as much as her and her husband did. Do you have any information that you can offer on current value and market for this type of item? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
7 December 2007 04:16am

Tom Bush |
I used to work for Warner Bros in the late 90's about the same time Hanna Barbera and all their properties were sold to Warner Bros. Our character department designed a piece of art depicting Bugs Bunny with his arm around Tom & Jerry and shaking hands with Fred Flintstone that was to be used as a promotional piece. One of the Hanna Barbera people who were integrated into Warner Bros asked me for a print out of the art and if he gave me 2 he would get one signed and give me a copy. So I did...at this point I can not attest to the authenticity of the signatures. But from the research I've done they look remarkably accurate. I have noticed looking at Bill Hanna's signature that it seems to vary a lot, but has a few minor similarities. While Joe Barbera's seems to be very consistent and looks remarkably consistent.

I was wondering if you could point in the right direction as far as how to get the piece authenticated or alternatives to ebay, like are there societies that might be interested?

If you would like me to email you a picture of the piece of art email me and I will.

8 November 2007 01:40am

nick |
will the jetsons meet the flintstones ,ever be on dvd
7 November 2007 11:04pm

nick |
my favorite flintstones episode is the one where gazoo clones fred and barney ,so fred and barney can go bowling,and the clones take wilma and betty to dinner
1 November 2007 09:48pm

nick |
does anyone know if they are going to release some of the flintstones cartoon movies on dvd.
31 October 2007 03:38am

nick |
i wanted to know if hollyrock a bye baby,and i yabba dabba doo,will ever be on dvd.or if anyone has them on vhs or dvd please let me know i will buy them fromy ou thanks
22 October 2007 06:04am

Parker J. Bena |
My all-time favorite Flinstones episode has got to be Rip Van Flinstone from the Sixth Season, It's the one where Fred falls asleep for twenty years an wakes up in a Bedrock - poulation 30,000 - where nobody remembers him and B.J. Rubble, the multi multi millionaire lives on his estate, Sanstone Simeon. It is also the only episode that features full frontal nudity. Note: the paintings in the front parlor of Barney's mansion.
14 October 2007 03:35am

Starting to watch TOS all over again with my daughter on Boomerang. Here's some trivia....Wilma's maiden name is mentioned as Pebbles, not Slaghoople, in episode 44 The Entertainer.
19 September 2007 05:10pm

Saturday, September 7, 1974 |
Hanna-Barbera Productions, Incorporated unleashed 7 new series on the Saturday Morning schedules of The Big 3:

2 CBS entries: Partridge Family 2200 A.D. and Valley Of The Dinosaurs
1 NBC entry: Wheelie and The Chopper Bunch
4 ABC entries: Hong Kong Phooey, Devlin, Korg 70,000 B.C. and These Are The Days
It was also on this date that the company unleashed its newest production slate: the "Rainbow H-B" logo.
7 September 2007 06:40pm

Aaron Handy III |
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1975 (A day of infamy for...Tom & Jerry fans!)

The New Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape Show, a new cartoon series from Hanna-Barbera, premiered - 8:30 (EDT) on ABC Saturday Morning. Here the long-popular Tom and Jerry, after years of rivalry, have (in order to appease ABC Standards and Practices!) become the best of friends (and Jerry dons a red bowtie, so the animators would be able to "fragment" his movements), in episodes wherein they roamed the world competing in sports, enduring on-the-job misadventures, running afoul of dastardly villains, solving mysteries and helping others.

Each hour-long telecast of New Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape was split into five segments in a specific format: alternating with three 7-minute New Tom & Jerry segments were two 10-minute ones concerning a 40-foot purple ape, Grape Ape (voiced by the late Bob Holt) and his fast-talking beagle buddy, a carnival hustler answering to the unlikely moniker of Beegle Beagle (voiced by Marty Ingels), or "Beegley Beagley," as G.A. would lovingly refer to him. It was Hanna-Barbera˘s only new series for the 1975-1976 television season.
6 September 2007 12:46pm

Diana |
I have a authorized edition of of book called The Flintstones and the Crazy Milkman, copyright 1973. Good condition. Interested?
25 August 2007 04:08am

I would like to know If Warner Brothers will ever put on DVD Teenage Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show and allso The Flintstones Kids Show. I just want to does any now if that would happen. Thank you, For your time. Pebbles
21 August 2007 05:06am

Jean |
What is the name of the pink dino (with humps down the entire back) that played in Flintstone cartoons (not Dino)? I think it was Barney's "dog". I have a cel but don't know the name
11 August 2007 05:35pm

Anyone know why/when Wilma Flinstone was a blonde?
24 July 2007 07:36pm

Mike stone |
We have recently acquired a warehouse full of Flintstone props from the two movies. Cars, furniture, gaming tables, coke machines, got ot hollywoodparts.com. only 1/10 of the items we have are listed many more coming. 818 255 0617
17 July 2007 10:07pm

mc |

I'm looking for the rare pebble flintstone's crawling pin (look like the one above).

Would anyone know, where I can get one?

Please let me know.


4 July 2007 08:34am

Jay |
Anyone have any idea of the rest of the Jetsons episodes will ever be released on dvd? Or the Kim Possible Series? I'l love to buy them!
21 June 2007 11:06pm

Chef Michael |
Im trying to find out what tips (2,7,204.)and what food coloring (red-red,orange,black.)to use on the fretten Flintstones" myspace page at:


If you love the classic original Flintstones, then you may enjoy that site. I have also gathered together all the vintage commercials, promos, parodies, etc. etc. found on that site and put them all together on one DVD called "The Bedrock Treasures DVD". Here's a link to that site:


I hope you enjoy your visit to the "Forgotten Flintstones" Myspace page!

Yabba Dabba Doo!!!
28 May 2007 07:06am

Jody |
Hello! I am due to have my baby girl any day now and what I'm looking for is the Flintstones baby crib mobile (made in the late 70's?) to go in her Pebbles-themed room. I'm also looking for any Pebbles/Flintstones baby stuff that anyone may have for sale. I have found quite a bit of stuff on ebay so far but no crib mobile, which I think I've only seen it once on ebay. Thanks!
3 May 2007 02:36pm
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Hanna-Barbera's 1975 Tom & Jerry Show---my personal fave |
Regardless of how many negative posts, criticisms, rants and insults of it that come out of the woodwork, Hanna-Barbera's 1975 version of Tom & Jerry shall always hold dear to me! To each his own...

Hence my web presence, The New Tom & Jerry Info Site @ http://www.1975tomjerry.50megs.com/ , which I launched in March 1997, to show all and sundry that there was someone out there who took interest in them and, to a degree at least, put an end to all the bad press they've been getting. Until January 2004 (so far), Boomerang from Catoon Network has done the 1975 T&J's justice by showing them periodically on Boomerang Saturdays (1976, 1977 and 1978). They neglected to show them in April 2004 during the weekly Friday T&J marathons; they seem to be limited to the 1940-67 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer theatricals, Filmation's 1980-82 version (The Tom & Jerry Comedy Show) and that 1990-93 Fox revival Tom & Jerry Kids (that grey stripe between Tom's eyes was not his best feature, imho!). But CN more than made up for this with the addition of the 1975 T&Js to their rotation in May 2005.

Like I said, to each his own. Everyone here has his/her favourite version of Tom & Jerry; mine is and shall forever remain H-B's "black sheep" 1975 made-for-tv version. Just because a Tom & Jerry cartoon, be it old or new, is nonviolent does not mean it cannot be watched and enjoyed. (I mean, check out the sports-themed New T&Js! And Spike! And Hoyt Curtin's jazzy underscore!) In the days of political correctness, this was the only way Hanna-Barbera could return Tom & Jerry to TV, and that's exactly what they did! But then, PC-ness has nothing to do with my enthusiasm for this series.

Which version of T&J do you fancy?
22 April 2007 03:51pm

mary/skippercollector |
There were umpteem names for the Quarry. Several years ago people were asking for the names. Well, now that I've watched all six seasons on DVD, I can give you an answer.

Rockhead & Quarry Cave Construction (from The Flintstone Flyer, airdate 9-30-60; The Swimming Pool, airdate 10-14-60; The Snorkasaurus Hunters, airdate 1-27-61; The Tycoon, airdate 1-21-61; The Rock Vegas Caper, airdate 3-30-62; and The Buffalo Convention, airdate 10-26-62). In The Tycoon, Fred’s boss is Mr. Boulder.

Granite Quarry & Cave Construction (from The Missing Bus, airdate 9-29-61). His boss is J.J. Granite, who looks exactly like Mr. Slate.

Cave Construction Co. (from The Masquerade Ball, airdate 12-8-61; The Entertainer, airdate 1-19-62; and Big League Freddie, airdate 11-7-63).

Rockhead Quarry (from Operation Barney, airdate 2-16-62).

Slate Sand & Gravel (from This is Your Lifesaver, airdate 3-9-62).

Bedrock Construction Co. (from The Mailman Cometh, airdate 3-23-62).

Bedrock Quarry & Gravel Co. (from Fred’s New Boss, airdate 9-21-62).

Bedrock Gravel Co. (from Bowling Ballet, airdate 10-5-62).

Slate Rock Co. (from Ladies’ Day, airdate 11-23-62).

Slate Gravel Co. (from High School Fred, airdate 12-7-62; and Bedrock Hillbillies, airdate 1-16-64).

Slate Rock & Gravel (from Latin Lover, airdate 4-20-62; Fred’s New Job, airdate 2-15-63; Moonlight & Maintenance, airdate 1-29-65; Sleep On, Sweet Fred, airdate 11-21-63; Cinderellastone, airdate 10-22-64; The Gravelberry Pie King, airdate 11-12-65; The Long, Long, Long Weekend, airdate 1-21-66; and Boss for a Day, airdate 2-25-66).

Slate Quarry Co. (from Ten Little Flintstones, airdate 1-2-63).

Slate Rock & Boulder Co. (from Groom Gloom, airdate 9-26-63).

Slate Construction Co. (from Indianrockolis 500, airdate 12-10-64). Its telephone number is (535) 235-3659.

Bedrock Quarry (from Boss for a Day, airdate 2-25-66).
22 April 2007 01:53am

mary/skippercollector |
The same folks who were asking what the quarry name was were also asking what the Flintstones' address was. These are the answers:

corner of Fifth and Stone Canyon (from The Swimming Pool, airdate 10-14-60).

201 Cobblestone Canyon (from No Help Wanted, airdate 10-21-60).

315 Stone Cave Road (from The Big Bank Robbery, airdate 1-20-61).

39 Stone Canyon Way (from Alvin Brickrock Presents, airdate 10-6-61).

35 Cobblestone Road (from The X-ray Story, airdate 12-29-61).

Cobblestone Lane (from Baby Barney, airdate 11-9-62).

323 Cobblestone Lane (from The Kissing Burglar, airdate 1-4-63).

222 Rock Way (from Fred’s Monkeyshines, airdate 10-17-63).

Rockway Lane (from Daddy’s Little Beauty, airdate 12-5-63).

house number 201 (from The House That Fred Built, airdate 9-24-65).

342 Gravelpit Terrace (from The Masquerade Party, airdate 12-26-65).
21 April 2007 04:14am

marian |
19 April 2007 03:16am

Jacob Feig |
I have an original 1993 Flintstones "Primitive Essentials" jacket for sale. It is in excellent condition and I am asking $100 for it.
17 April 2007 11:22pm

robert g valdez |
please come back on cartoon network

16 April 2007 05:23pm

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