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George Kenney |
i would like to know if anyone out there could please Tell me where i might be able to Buy or Order The Fintstones TV Series The New Fred and Barney Show (1979) on DVD or on VHS thats all of the episodes of it then please Contact me at georgekenney1@webtv.net Sincerely yours Truly- George Kenney 8 Dix Ave Johnston- Rhode Island USA- 02919
11 June 2008 04:39pm

Steve |
No release date yet but I would keep trying at Barnes & Noble or watch the internet for release dates.

Good luck finding it!
27 June 2008 09:34pm

Jerry |
Sorry, I don't know, either. I've been looking for that show, too. They don't even have it on cartunemania.com or wbcomics.com. Say, on wbcomics.com, there's an episode of Fred and Barney endorsing Busch beer that hasn't aired since 1967. Check it out.
1 July 2009 03:17am

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