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caro |
I'm looking for Dino's girlfriend's name...We saw her a few times. Any ideas?
15 March 2008 11:42pm

mary/skippercollector |
Dino had two girlfriends. One was named Sassy, the star of a TV show. The other was named Juliet, who belonged to Loudrock, who lived next door. Dino and Juliet had 15 puppies.
18 March 2008 10:48pm

mary/skippercollector |
There are two possibilities. One of them was Sassy, who was a takeoff of Lassie, and Dino was hired to be on her TV show. The other was Juliet, Loudrock's dog. Dino and Juliet had 15 puppies.
31 March 2008 01:50am

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