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Parker J. Bena |
My all-time favorite Flinstones episode has got to be Rip Van Flinstone from the Sixth Season, It's the one where Fred falls asleep for twenty years an wakes up in a Bedrock - poulation 30,000 - where nobody remembers him and B.J. Rubble, the multi multi millionaire lives on his estate, Sanstone Simeon. It is also the only episode that features full frontal nudity. Note: the paintings in the front parlor of Barney's mansion.
14 October 2007 03:35am

mary/skippercollector |
Some of the background music seems to have been written specifically for this episode, because I haven't heard it anywhere else. When you see Barney's mansion, the music playing is very "Gone with the Wind" like.
1 January 2008 08:30pm

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