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mc |

I'm looking for the rare pebble flintstone's crawling pin (look like the one above).

Would anyone know, where I can get one?

Please let me know.


4 July 2007 08:34am

sharon |
I'd like to know where I can buy a motorcyle plate fram with fred and barny on it. any ideas??
12 July 2007 00:29am

mary/skippercollector |
By "crawling pin" I am assuming you are referring to a little wind-up toy. I have a more recent plastic Pebbles that crawls, and she has a little white knob on her side. She's probably 3 to 4 inches long, and she is wearing aqua green panties/diaper, but not a shirt. I think she was one of the restaurant promo items for the live action Flintstones movie in 1994.
I live in Ohio, if you are interested.
14 July 2007 10:48pm

joe horton |
how,s about the first publication,ever to hit the pages of hanna-barbara.Interested,ive got that.contact me capt.who-ha@rock.com.,
15 August 2007 08:36pm

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