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Tracy Russell |
I am looking to purchase a copy of the Flintstone TV show soundtrack - does anyone know where I could find one? My Guiding group is planning a Flintstone themed sleepover. Any other ideas are also appreciated.
3 April 2007 06:40am

Dave |
There's a CD out released by Rhino Records called "The Flintstones - Modern Stone-Age Melodies" and it has LOTS of original scores from the show. The CD was licensed through HB Productions in 1994. I have it and love it because it brings back all of the old tunes that we're so familiar with. Many of the scores were used throughout HB's stable of cartoons at the time. Go to www.rhino.com and hopefully you should find it. If not, write them.
15 April 2007 11:34pm

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