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John Paul Murphy |
21 March 2007 10:01pm
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mary/skippercollector |
Three or four years ago, on the original bulletin board, there were several people who asked what the name of the quarry was. I think they were entering some kind of trivia contest. Well, now that I have watched the entire series on DVD, and taken notes, I have the full answer.

Rockhead & Quarry Cave Construction (from The Flintstone Flyer, airdate 9-30-60; The Swimming Pool, airdate 10-14-60; The Snorkasaurus Hunters, airdate 1-27-61; The Tycoon, airdate 1-21-61; The Rock Vegas Caper, airdate 3-30-62; and The Buffalo Convention, airdate 10-26-62). In The Tycoon, Fredís boss is Mr. Boulder.

Granite Quarry & Cave Construction (from The Missing Bus, airdate 9-29-61). His boss is J.J. Granite, who looks exactly like Mr. Slate.

Cave Construction Co. (from The Masquerade Ball, airdate 12-8-61; The Entertainer, airdate 1-19-62; and Big League Freddie, airdate 11-7-63).
Rockhead Quarry (from Operation Barney, airdate 2-16-62).

Slate Sand & Gravel (from This is Your Lifesaver, airdate 3-9-62).

Bedrock Construction Co. (from The Mailman Cometh, airdate 3-23-62).

Bedrock Quarry & Gravel Co. (from Fredís New Boss, airdate 9-21-62).

Bedrock Gravel Co. (from Bowling Ballet, airdate 10-5-62).

Slate Rock Co. (from Ladiesí Day, airdate 11-23-62).

Slate Gravel Co. (from High School Fred, airdate 12-7-62; and Bedrock Hillbillies, airdate 1-16-64).

Slate Rock & Gravel (from Latin Lover, airdate 4-20-62; Fredís New Job, airdate 2-15-63; Moonlight & Maintenance, airdate 1-29-65; Sleep On, Sweet Fred, airdate 11-21-63; Cinderellastone, airdate 10-22-64; The Gravelberry Pie King, airdate 11-12-65; The Long, Long, Long Weekend, airdate 1-21-66; and Boss for a Day, airdate 2-25-66).

Slate Quarry Co. (from Ten Little Flintstones, airdate 1-2-63).

Slate Rock & Boulder Co. (from Groom Gloom, airdate 9-26-63).

Slate Construction Co. (from Indianrockolis 500, airdate 12-10-64). Its telephone number is (535) 235-3659.

Bedrock Quarry (from Boss for a Day, airdate 2-25-66).
21 April 2007 04:11am

Aaron Handy III |
Welcome back! ;-)
22 April 2007 03:45pm

Kim |
I have a Vintage Bisque Coin Bank of Fred and Wilma. How Do I find Out what it is worth? Or does anyone know? Thanks.
23 April 2007 00:08am

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