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Coco DiLorenzo |
I have a very rare priceless letter hand written by Alan Reed the original Fred Flintstone. It also has historic value. He is talking about joining the common cause movement with James Gardner the secretary of health under Lyndon Johnson. Take a look https://www.ebay.com/itm/LETTER-WRITTEN-BY-ALAN-REED-AKA-THE-VOICE-OF-FRED-FLINTSTONE-NO-COA/383732881357?hash=item59584317cd:g:0RYAAOSwRKRfaPNW
27 October 2020 08:08pm

Fred Green |
I have a large collection of Flintstones the Movie toys, MIB, I live in Charleston SC, and am willing to sell them for a minimal price. Will send pictures to anyone interested. Thank you.
10 October 2020 06:35pm

Mac Robinson |
I have a Flintstones ceiling fan that is still in the box. Never been opened. Anyone know what it might be worth. It's for sale. Thanks Mac
5 May 2020 06:02pm

Rich Fisher |
Hi- I;m looking for Buildings for the Marx Flintstones playset. I need the SUPER MARKET, GAS STATION,FRED's HOUSE in TAN & Barney's house in GRAY & all the figures in LIGHT BLUE.
11 November 2019 09:17pm

reverse55 |
Can someone please update the Flintstones Spin-Offs page to include Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs!. It's a new show coming out. It's bothering me so much, man. Please just do it and satisfy my needs.
15 July 2018 01:33am

Can someone please update the Flintstones Spin-Offs page to include Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs!. It's a new show coming out. It's bothering me so much, man. Please just do it and satisfy my needs.
15 July 2018 01:28am

What is this characters name from the Flintstones?
30 January 2018 07:05pm

Dr Metropolis |
We have some great HB toys for sale. Most not even on page yet. Just ask us and we will see what we have for you. Not just Flintstone.. LOTS of HB toys figures etc.
5 December 2017 06:07pm

Andrew Clark |
I have created The Flintstones as a LEGO set. It could be an official LEGO set. I have 64% of votes needed ( free to vote) Dino is in the updates tab https://ideas.lego.com/projects/95f87b23-1eea-41ca
21 October 2017 04:42pm

Colleen |
Does anyone no what other Dastardly and Muttley cereal premiums they used to sell in the kellogs cereals?I only know that they had erasers of Dick Dastardly, Muttley, Klunk, Zilly, and Yankee Doodle Pigeon and I also know that they had toys of the characters in their flying machines (Dastardly, Muttley, Zilly, and Klunk). If you know what else was in the cereal boxes, please let me know.Thanks!
23 April 2017 09:59pm

Julie |
Does anyone know where I can find the happy anniversary song in Spanish? The full video?
6 January 2017 08:06pm

Rodinei Campos da Silveira |
Does anyone remeber the Flintstones comic strip, drawn in great part by the legendary Gene Hazelton, and in the recent years by Karen Machette?
3 January 2017 02:17pm

Tiffany |
I found an old Hanna Barbera Flintstones coin purse (I think), with Pebbles on it. I've been searching the internet for it and cant seem to find it. I was wondering if anyone may know something about it?
11 December 2016 09:13pm

Bob Wolfe |
Flintstones experts! I recall an episode where Fred tells Barney how to drink wine: you've got to sip, suck, swirl and swallow he says. Who can tell me what episode that was? I'm now a wine professional and I'm seeking to confirm my childhood memory. Thanks in advance for any info!
4 August 2016 06:10am

Do you LOVE the Jetsons & Lego's? Then this is just right for you follow this link to Lego Ideas and support this ideas.lego.com/projects/147975 The project is called The Jetsons.it includes: -George -Jane-Judy-Elroy -Astro -Rosie
It also includes a display stand with a phot of all of them -Space car
This really is a must have for any Jetsons fan the space car is almost the
exact same to the great show. :D
How does this work? Pepole post projects and if the project gets tenthousand supporters than it goes into a "review stage" if it passes the review stage it becomes a real Lego set! I think this would easily pass the review stage since The Jetsons had a camio apperince in Lego Dimensions and since they have made Lego Scooby-Doo sets. Please follow that link an support here is the link again ideas.lego.com/projects/147975
22 July 2016 08:08pm

Do you LOVE The Flintstones? Do you LOVE Legos? then follow this link to Lego Ideas and support this project ideas.lego.com/projects/146210 The project is called The Flintstones: Meet the Flintstones. it includes
-Bam-Bam, Pebbles, Fred, Wilma, Barney, & Betty. It will soon also include Great Gazoo Dino & Hoppy.
-The Rubbles House
-The Flintstones house
-Welcome to bedrock sign like from the theme song
-slimy brothers gangster car
- a stand with a pic of the Flintstones to display the Minifigures on.
How does this work? Pepole post projects and if the project gets tenthousand supporters than it goes into a "review stage" if it passes the review stage it becomes a real Lego set! I think this would easily pass the review stage since Flintstones had a camio apperince in Lego Dimensions and since they have made Lego Scooby-Doo sets. Please follow that link an support here is the link again ideas.lego.com/projects/146210 Thanks.
2 July 2016 01:15pm

Tina Balliger |
Hi I have a fred flinstone felling fan I am missing the down rod that hangs from ceiling..dose any one have one for sale??our knows where I can get one??Thank you
26 May 2016 08:10pm

Andrew GRAY |
Dubai really don't like the Flintstones!
I don't see why?!
Abu Dhabi do!

You have to say it alound. Andy xxx
10 January 2016 02:40pm

lu brummett |
Hello I have a large Flintstone collection for sale including a Fred watch. If interested can send pics of whole collection.
9 December 2015 10:58pm

Elizabeth Hunter |
I have a excellent condition Flintstone Ceiling Fan to get rid of. Send a fair offer since I want it to go to a good homel Grew up with the show so it's sentinmental to me and needs love from s a new owner!
26 August 2015 06:48am

Nan miro |
looking for a 1999 scooby doo blanket it's not fleece its a throw! Has him running to the right with big flower around it! It was my daughter baby blanket some how ended up with her step sister, looking for a match so they can share their favorite blanket! Nothing worse then finding something you love and be in a postion to where you can't take it back. If you have what I'm looking for please contact me.
15 August 2015 07:32am

ET |
Flintstone fabric or curtains??? Anyone know?
30 June 2015 03:55am

I am in need for flintstone fabric or curtain.cant find it anywhere online.
30 June 2015 03:51am

Phyllis smith |
I believe I have original cells of all the flint stones if anyone interested I can email you pics
22 June 2015 02:25am

Anybody out there wanting some new Flintstones toys to be made? I sure do!! LEGO is considering making a Flintstones lego set, but it has to get 10000 votes before they will review it. Go to this webpage to vote. Thanks!


In case there are any Scooby Doo fans out there, Lego is definitely releasing sets in September 2015. Enjoy!

28 May 2015 06:53am

Rodinei Campos da Silveira |
Hello, John-Paul Murphy, Cassie Veselovsky and all the HB-fans from the whole world!

I'm inviting you to visit a cool Hanna-Barbera-themed blog which's mantained by a friend of mine from Vancouver, Canada: Don "Yowp-Yowp" Dodsworth.
The blog is titled "Yowp: Stuff about early Hanna-Barbera cartoons", which focuses various topics about the Hanna-Barbera classics.
This blog is located at the following link: http://yowpyowp.blogspot.com.
Enjoy to visit it! I wish you good luck on this visit!
24 February 2015 11:07pm

Robyn |
DESPERATELY looking for a Bamm Bamm blanket/throw!!! when my son was little his nickname was Bamm Bamm and he had a little Bamm Bamm blanket. I think it got lost over the years and he is expecting his first baby later this year and asked if I had his baby blanket. I soooo would LOVE to find him a blanket!!! HELLLLLP IF YOU CAN!! TIA
22 February 2015 10:09pm

Jim |
I find the funny animal characters of Yogi Bear, Quick Draw, Huckleberry Hound, Magilla and Tom & Jerry so appealing. They never lost their charm to make good laughs.
9 November 2014 00:35am

Kayla |
I have a Flintstones ceiling fan with 5 blades everything works for sale if anyone is interested in itnot really sure what they're worth
7 November 2014 11:23pm

Marian |
I have a betty rubble figurine in mint condition from England for sale. I also have 9 figurines from franklin mint collection including Mr. slate and hoppy. There are Fred, Wilma, pebbles, Dino, and Barney, Betty,and Bamm Bamm in this collection also the shelf to hold them on. You can contact me at MERTIE47@live.com
13 October 2014 03:22pm

Don |
Does anyone remember a Flintstones episode where Fred and Barney are walking and Fred plucks a hair off the street, almost like it was a hair caught in a film projector?
5 September 2014 01:03pm

Emily |
Does anyone want a I have a Hanna Barbera Flinstones Ceiling Brand New in Box Madison Avenue from 1994 RARE. box is aged and open but all the parts are in there and never been used everything is still in the plastic
asking 200 obo
20 February 2014 07:23pm

george |
does anybody know if the great gazoo appeared on the jetsons?
16 January 2014 12:44pm

DeAnne |
I was given Flintstones stickers from cartoon network on the back it says 1997 Hannah barbera. It looks like they were from a cereal box like the prize inside. does anyone know if they are worth anything?
2 November 2013 03:03am

Angel |
Does anyone have, or know where I can find the animated movie, "The Flintstones On The Rocks?" I prefer it on dvd, but I'll take a vhs copy if in good condition. Thanks.
27 September 2013 03:40pm

Savvas |
Hi there, I am huge fan of The Flintstones too. I am 15 years old close to 16, but I always love Flintstones since I could remember... I grew up watching The Flintstones TvSeries but most of the time I was watching The Flintstones Movie (1994), The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000), The Flintstonesi in I Yabba Dabba Do and recently (5 years ago) I found The Flintstones in Hollyrock-A-Bye Baby (1993) and The Flintstone Family Christmas. I just want to know if anyone knows where I can found the costumes worn by Elizabeth Taylor and ofcourse Joan Collins as Pearl Slaghoople. I just love the way they dressed them in the live-action movies. I also love fashion design and I remember a year ago ebay had some Costumes Designs from The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, if anyone could help me find those things I would be thankful!!!
28 August 2013 10:21pm

Colleen |
Hi.I have been looking for a Dick Dastardly plush on eba but I cant find a good and least expensive plush.If anyone has a Dick Dastardly plush that is least expensive could you please tell me if you have one or if there is one on ebay.Thanks!:)
30 July 2013 11:38pm

Colleen |
I am a big fan of Hanna Barbera!I have alot of items that mostly contain Scooby Doo but I a few other items that contain The Jetsons,The Flintstones,and Tom and Jerry!I have a Big crush on George Jetson and Dick Dastardly!!!!!I love HANNA BARBERA!!!!!!!!
4 July 2013 05:36am

18 June 2013 03:38am

Marian |
I have the first season of flintstones on vhs from Columbia house. it also has a 5 minute skit of when they were called the flagstones. I paid $25.00 per tape 4 episodes per tape (15 tapes total) I am asking $200.00 for the set in mint condition. please e-mail me at MERTIE47@live.com thank you
19 May 2013 11:48pm

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